Statistical challenges in the epidemiology of aging
Organizers: Carole Dufouil and Karen Leffondré, F

  • Scott Hofer, Vancouver, CAN
    Methodological challenges in the epidemiology of aging from a reproducible research perspective
  • Niels Keiding, Kopenhagen, DK
    Survival analysis aspects of the epidemiology of ageing
  • Cécile Proust-Lima, Bordeaux, F
    Modelling issues in the longitudinal study of cognitive aging
  • Marcus Köller, Vienna, A
    Medical and conceptual challenges in conducting studies of the elderly

Genomics-based Personalized Medicine
(joint with the International Genetic Epidemiology Society)
Organizers: Andreas Ziegler, D, and Georg Heinze, A

  • Martin Filipits, Vienna, A
    Application of genomic tests in breast cancer management
  • Joan Bailey-Wilson, Baltimore, USA
    Risk prediction models using family and genomic data
  • Bertram Müller-Myhsok, Munich, D
    The importance of appropriate quality control in - omics studies as required for personalized and stratified medicine
  • Andreas Ziegler, Lübeck, D
    Study designs for predictive biomarkers