Invited Programme

President's Invited Speaker
Bayes, why bother? (Thomas A. Louis, Baltimore, USA)

Invited Sessions

On trial: integrated care pathways, evidence based medicine and EHRs
    Organizer: Els Goetghebeur, B
  • Mike Campbell, Sheffield, UK
    Integrated care pathways, evidenced based medicine and electronic health records:
    an overview
  • Erica Moodie, Montreal, CAN
    From idealized to realized: learning about dynamic treatment regimens using electronic medical records?
  • Richard Emsley, Manchester, UK
    A causal inference approach to optimising care pathways in type 2 diabetes using electronic health records
Beyond R packages: getting our methods into standard software
    Organizer: Georg Heinze, A
  • Ian White, Cambridge, UK
    Writing and developing statistical software: the statistical methodologist´s view
  • Yannis Jemiai, Cambridge, USA
    Beyond wild horses: developing innovation at Cytel
  • Bob Rodriguez, Cary, USA
    An inside perspective on the development of SAS statistical software
Inverse probability weighting techniques
    Organizers: Ronald Geskus, NL, and Karen Leffondré, F
  • Ronald Geskus, Amsterdam, NL
    Iterative inverse probability weighting
  • Thomas Gerds, Kopenhagen, DK
    Bias-variance trade off in IPCW: Is it possible to hear the curse of dimensionality in a random forest?
  • Tianxi Cai, Cambridge, USA
    Inverse probability weighting methods for biomarker evaluation with case cohort studies
New methods to control for unmeasured confounding
    Organizer: Michal Abrahamowicz, CAN
  • Rolf H. Groenwold, Utrecht, NL
    Bias sensitivity analysis of unmeasured confounding
  • Lawrence McCandless, Vancouver, CAN
    A Bayesian perspective on unmeasured confounding in large administrative databases
  • Rebecca Burne and Michal Abrahamowicz, Montreal, CAN
    New statistical methods for using validation subsamples to adjust for unmeasured confounders in survival analysis
Prediction to support clinical decision making
    Organizer: Alessandra Nardi, I
  • Nils Lid Hjort, Oslo, N
    What price Cox regression? Ranking predictions from semiparametric and parametric hazard regression models via focused information criteria
  • Jeremy M. G. Taylor, Ann Arbor, USA
    Individualized predictions of event times using joint longitudinal-survival models
  • Robin Henderson, Newcastle, UK
    Model selection and ensemble predictive performance
Statistical methods for poly-omics studies
    Organizers: Axel Benner and Manuela Zucknick, D
  • Rainer Spang, Regensburg, D
    From associations to mechanical understanding - data integration and causal inference in genomics
  • Marina Vannucci, Houston, USA
    Bayesian models for integrative genomics
  • Wessel van Wieringen, Amsterdam NL
    Do we gain by jointly analyzing multiple types of genomics data?

Special Sessions

The power of data sharing: advancing research for everyone's benefit? (Panel discussion)
  Organizers: Martin Posch and Franz König, A
  • Hans‐Ulrich Burger, Hofmann‐La Roche, Basel, CH
  • Simon Day, Clinical Trials Consulting & Training Ltd, North Marston, UK
  • Hans‐Georg Eichler, EMA, London, UK
  • Trish Groves, BMJ, London, UK
  • Stephen Senn, CRP Santé, Strassen, L
STRATOS (Strengthening Thinking about Analyses of Observational Studies) initiative:
first results & future steps
  Organizers: Willi Sauerbrei, D, and Harbajan Chadha‐Boreham, CH
  • Marianne Huebner, East Lansing, USA
    Setting the stage with initial data analyses
  • Ewout Steyerberg, Rotterdam, NL
    Evaluation of incremental value of a marker: a historic perspective on the Net
    Reclassification Improvement
  • Michal Abrahamowicz, Montreal, CAN
    Review of methods used in recent observational epidemiological studies to select
    variables and their functional forms [STRATOS Task Group 2]
  • Els Goetghebeur, Gent, B
    Causal questions and principled answers: a guide through the landscape for
    practicing statisticians