ISCB Awards

ISCB Student Conference Awards

The Student Conference Awards are available for registered postgraduate students to attend and present a paper at the 35th ISCB Meeting in Vienna, Austria, during 24 - 28 August 2014. Three awards will be made. Selection will be made based on an abstract and a summary of a paper to be presented, which should illustrate application of statistical methodology to clinical or epidemiological research. Results of particular studies are of interest only if the analysis has methodological implications or shows a novel and interesting application of biostatistics. Applications should be sent to:

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mansmann
IBE, University of Munich
Marchioninistrasse 15
81377 München
Tel +49 89 7095 4491
Fax +49 89 7095 7491

Full details on the application procedure are given in the full announcement.
The closing date for application is 25 March 2014.


2014 ISCB Conference Awards for Scientists

The 2014 ISCB Conference Awards for Scientists (CAS) are available to biostatisticians from the countries underdeveloped in clinical biostatistics to attend the 2014 ISCB Annual Conference in Vienna, Austria, and present a paper there. Up to three CAS awards will be granted in 2014.
Only original contributions, not previously presented or published before the time of the application will be considered. Also, the applications with purely theoretical content or those representing mere routine analyses of data sets are not encouraged by the ISCB.
This year the CAS award consists of a free registration to the 2014 ISCB Annual Conference, free accommodation, free subscription to one short course selected by the applicant, invitation to Conference Dinner sponsored by the ISCB, and the travel support.
Scientists should submit their completed application form, one-page abstract and full poster or paper/presentation to Zdeněk Valenta (see the address below).
Abstracts not granted the CAS award will be eligible for an independent review by the 2014 Scientific Programme Committee (SPC). However, the abstracts will be forwarded to the SPC only at the specific request of the applicant.
Caution: The authors of the abstracts not granted the CAS award that will subsequently have been accepted by the Vienna SPC, shall not be eligible for additional ISCB support.

Please note that students are not eligible for the CAS.

Zdeněk Valenta
ISCB Sub-committee on National Groups, Chair

Dept. of Medical Informatics & Biostatistics, Chair
Institute of Computer Science AS CR
Pod Vodárenskou věží 2
182 07 Prague
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 266 052 094
Fax: +420 286 581 453

Full details on the application procedure are given in the full announcement.
The closing date for application is Tuesday, 25 March 2014.

One scientific award is sponsored by BMC